Goals revisited

Goals revisited

When I started out this year I had many goals. Some were standard for most 36-year-olds: Loss weight, reduce stress. …
I also had a few running goals, to break below 27:42 in a 5K, run a tough mudder. …
Throughout the year, I became so obsessed with the “all about me” goals that I forgot some other ones.
I recently lamented to an online group how I haven’t really lost any weight this year and my running times are worse than the year before.
And the wise mother of the group (all groups seem to have them) reminded me that I accomplished more than I imagined I would this year.
I spent about three months running with my kids every morning. I got to hear about the history of Legos and trouble at school. We watched sunrises, climbed some of the biggest hills in town and laughed probably more than we have since their birth.
I gained a lot of resolve and determination. When bad stuff happens, you can react by folding or taking a stand. There were a few times this year where standing firm sucked, but was necessary. I still hate those kind of situations but I now know I can handle them.
I also pushed myself, not as much as I wanted as an athlete, but enough to see what I want to do and where I want to go in 2015.
So in a few weeks, I’ll lay out my goals for 2015. I hope you share how 2014 went for you and what you want to do in 2015. Maybe we can work on achieving them together.

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