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Not broken, just bent

Song: "Carry on," .fun Mother's Day: A day where families show how much they appreciate their matriarch. I celebrated by hanging out with the kids, going the church and having cheesecake, doing chores and running (not in that order). I finished up the day by watching "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey." Not some people's idea … Continue reading Not broken, just bent

The creek of life: A year of running

Song: "Move Along," All-American Rejects I live near a creek. It's great for racing wooden boats and throwing rocked into. It, like many creeks in my section of Appalachia, is polluted by coal-mine runoff. The rocks have a rusty-orange coating that turn your clothes into shades of acid-mine runoff. It's a permanent reminder of your … Continue reading The creek of life: A year of running