Song: “Let it Snow”
Because of Sandy, the weather outside was frightful. And the kids weren’t so delightful. The only place to go, was on a rail-trail run. I’m fortunate enough to live near the rail-trail system in my town. If I want to get in a quick run, I just head two one of entry points and go.
With wintry slush on the sidewalks, my way to the trail was a practice in rough road running — trying the keep my balance as I felt my feet start slipping.
When I got to the trail itself, I was free to run at my leisure, which wasn’t as fast as I would have liked.
But I was free to be myself — lost in my own thoughts rather than trying to figure out what my 22-month-old was doing after he opened the fridge.
As I headed back, the wind picked up and the ice pricked at my cheeks like little knives. It was rough going, but I felt great.
I felt my battery recharging, my tolerance of all annoying things my family does increasing.
When I got home, I was ready to face everything again. My rope had grown; I was no longer at the end of it.
Some days, I have to make mommy time, our time. And it can be just as cool.
One of our favorite running spots is the Great Allegheny Passage, especially the Ohiopyle, Pa.

This picture was taken on Oct. 28, 2012, near the 72 mile marker. It’s from a bridge that overlooks the Yough River. Somewhere in there is some kayakers, the first I’ve seen up close.
The path, which goes from Pittsburgh to Washington, D.C., is smooth, most small stone and gravel.
Depending on where you pick it up, you may see cows and tunnels, the Continental Divide, train depots, state parks, rough trails, and quaint little towns.
So far we’ve been to five towns along the passage — Ohiopyle, Confluence, Meyersdale, all in Pennsylvania; and Frostburg and Cumberland in Maryland.
Ohiopyle is in the middle of a state park of the same name. More than 2 million visitors annually visit the town that has 89 permanent residents.
It’s filled with history, waterfalls and things to keep the kids entertained while one parent runs and the other watches them.
But I digress. The point of this was making mommy time, our time.
Sometimes, I have to take a kid or two with me when I exercise. Sometimes, I’m not able to run as far as I need to get my stress under control. But I remember that this is suppose to be fun for both myself and the kids who are with me.
I don’t worry about the distance, just making our journey fun. It usually involves a scavenger hunt (find five bicyclists, a red mile marker, etc.)
If I don’t get enough exercise in, I try to make up for it later in the day. It doesn’t matter whether you get in an hour workout all at one time, or put in six 10-minute workouts.
Make some mommy time for yourself. A happy mom make a happy family.