This week I had the opportunity to travel to Ohiopyle, Pa., with the kids. We went hiking on the same path that we did in October, which goes by the river.
A lot has changed since the last time we hiked this path. Last time, I turned around out of frustration. My youngest son wasn’t ready for the path. I expected too much.
This time I let my frustration pass and went with the flow. It was an amazing adventure. We saw a millipede and the forest floor was covered with ferns.
The past few days have been filled with adventure. I ran the farthest I ever had, and I’m slowly but surely learning to let things go.
My oldest son told me today that I am his best friend. Best friends don’t act like I do sometimes. True, I’m not suppose to be his friend, I’m suppose to be his parent. But still …
Now to rewrite my family tree.