Memories from the 27th Gene's Run.

Memories from the 27th Gene’s Run.

RACE: 27th Gene’s Run
LENGTH: 4 miles (I have it mapped out at

CAUSE IT HELPS: Special Olympics
RACE: A hilly asphalt course through Morgantown’s Greenmont, South Park and 1st Ward neighborhoods. Water stops every mile manned by Special Olympians and their supporters. Mile-split times read every mile. End in front of Gene’s, Greenmont’s townie bar.
MY RACE:Totally tech free. I don’t know what my time was as my phone’s fitness programs decided not to work. The race’s computer decided to act up, so I left after an hour and a half of waiting.
I know this course. Because I sucked so bad on the hills last year, I’ve made it a point to run it every other week.
As the race started, I had the refrain of Fall Out Boy’s “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light ‘Em Up)” going through my head. I was going to light ’em up.
As the runners started to thin, I thought “This is slow, let’s speed it up.” So I did, cautiously. First few miles were at 9 minute pace. Faster than usual, but doable. Then I got to the hills along White Park. I started to pass people. I was going up hills and passing people. This was awesome!
Then I saw him somewhere in mile three. Wearing a headband with wings on the side, one of our newest county officials was about 10 yards ahead of me. He was going down.
I had some gas in the tank, so I floored it as I crossed back into South Park. I caught the official two blocks from the high school and passed him. I didn’t look back, I was too afraid I’d throw up. I was pushing myself harder than I had in any other race.
I think I set a personal record, I’ll have to check.
After the race, I saw the former landlord I mentioned in my RDVIC Father’s Day race. He beat me that day. For this year’s Gene’s Run, victory was mine! He said was about 20 feet behind me the entire race but wasn’t able to catch up. He congratulated me on a good race. He also complimented my training. It was awesome. The race was the highlight of my season.
SIDE NOTE: I started a Facebook page to go along with the blog. It will have updates on running, parenting and training, etc. It’s at Running Mountain Mama.