Fall is finally here. I don’t need the cooler temperatures or leaves falling off trees to tell me this.
I have my first work-caused illness of the season. You know, the kind that starts at work and you take it home where it spreads to your kids. Then you get it again because of the revolving germ cycle.
This is just a quick note to say, I plan to write soon, but I haven’t had time to put words to the computer screen.
Seeing as this month of October marks the two-year anniversary of my blog, I plan on writing a bit of a retrospective sometime soon.
I’m also digging deep for some words that have weighed heavy on my mind as of late “you’re a natural athlete.” I was one of those once. I thought I still was.
Also this month marks the anniversary of the reason I started this blog, my grandfather’s death. Yes, I plan to write on family and positive influences and how they shape the fitness journey.
Two years ago, I started this blog with a vague sense of purpose. Now, I think certain things fell together and I know where I’m going with this.
So, I hope you enjoy the ride this month as much as I plan to. Now for some uplifting Appalachian graffiti: