In a distant city, it is waiting for me. 

My coffee maker, with its white and metal box, sits, hoping some day I’ll make a glorious cup of coffee. I imagine it would be happy if I just ran some water through it, like I do for making tea or hot cocoa.

This is my first week of marathon training, and I sure miss caffeine in the morning.

As a night-shift worker, I rely on that dark, bitter nectar to wake me up. It keeps me going until I crash after lunch. Then the nectar revives me so I can go to work.

Our separation won’t last long, but since this is my first week without my coffee maker in a long time, I’m really feeling it.

I’m also learning a bit about true motivation. Although this week’s routine has been to go back to bed after the kids go to school, I still have a marathon to get ready for.
Marine Corps Marathon, I’m coming for you. 

I’ve been doing my training, usually in the mid-day heat. Wherever I can find room, I run. Run with my kids to the library or to the drug store.  I even got stuck in a rain storm with the kids, so we did a bit of speed work.

I would run to the corner bakery for a cup of coffee, but the owners closed the shop this week. The world is conspiring to make sure I don’t get coffee.

It has been hard to live without caffeine but the world hasn’t collapsed. I actually feel a bit better without the caffeine in my system.

I’m still coming for you MCM. I’ll be ready. Will you?

But first a stop along the way, Ragnar Appalachians.