A few days ago, I received a reminder that it’s my blog’s third anniversary.

It’s still a small little thing and while I do enjoy writing, I’m not sure what the future of this blog will be.

Things change, especially in a world on instant access, such as the Internet.

I’d like to think I’ve grown as my children have, not necessarily in height, but more in wisdom and in knowing who I am.

I’m am still a jack of all trades, a renaissance woman if you will. So this upcoming fourth year of the blog may delve more into that while keeping focus on family and fitness while living in the mountains of Appalachia.

I also plan on doing more in terms of trying to get information out. For example, if I take a class or something, I’ll let you know about it. I will be taking a basic home repair class in Novembers, so that may be a start.

I would like to thank you for reading this. If you have any suggestions or topics you’d like to see me address, feel free to comment.

To another year of blogging, running and dealing with my mountain minions. Have a happy Halloween.