I hope to keep this blog fresh with quick little blog posts once a week. 

It will hit on something different each week.

Today, let’s look at some alternatives when making some of our favorite foods.

The Christmas fest

This is my family’s Christmas dinner. For convenience we brought some frozen vegetables for the corn and peppers  and broccoli and cheese. Frozen vegetables have decent nutritional content, better than canned, and not as much salt. With the frozen mixes with pre-made sauce, you need to keep an eye on the salt content.

Turkey two ways: I have to say I like the crock pot turkey for the juiciness, but I like roast turkey’s crispy skin. The crock pot is a great tool in any kitchen. If you can make a meal or one part of a large meal in it, you’ll save room on your stove.

Mashed potatoes: These were made by my daughter and I. I drained a lot of the water out of my boiled potatoes but kept some of it to use it for making the mashed potatoes. You can also use chicken broth. This way, you don’t have to add milk.

Add the fresh vegetables: Often I have half a bag of frozen vegetables or a small amount of fresh vegetables. Mix the two and you’ll get something pretty tasty. However, just make sure your fresh vegetables are added at a time that’s appropriate. Thick veggies, like carrots, can go in water the same time as your frozen veggies. You’ll want to add peppers or snow peas later in the cooking cycle.