Quick tips: Gear storage

Quick tips: Gear storage

As someone looking to improve her fitness, I’ve gathered stuff. Buffs, water bottles, phone holders, etc.

As a mom, I have to put these items somewhere safe. I can’t keep things in reach of my kids, or I’ll never find them again. They like shiny, new things — strange items that they don’t see in regular life like headlamps or SPIbelts. Once my kids find them, the items will disappear.

So where do you keep these things organized?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Over-the-door shoe hangers: These cloth panels have pockets to each shoe in your wardrobe. You can put items in each pocket, so it’s within easy reach.
  • Drawer: Some people have drawers in their dressers specifically for their athletic gear. That works until you run out of space. I’ve seen pictures of people who have a set of those plastic drawers with their athletic gear.
  • An extra room: Some people are able to spare space in their home specifically for exercise. Things can get set up there too, maybe in a bookcase lined with baskets or separate dresser.

I don’t have a lot of gear. I wear a lot of my fitness clothes to work, as those who see my leggings paired with boots and a long sweater or tech shirt under a sweater can attest.

My storage bin for buffs and headlamps.

I put my athletic gear in a recycled beer six-pack container. Taking a cue from my idol Alton Brown, who is a fan of multi-use tool, I like how the cardboard has several compartments, separating items. A compartment may have batteries, while another has headlamps. If I need to, I can use the handle to carry my gear somewhere else, a new hiding spot.

I also have some baskets and a wine rack that aren’t used in the house. They hold gear that the beer containers can’t hold.

I’ve also used old door knobs, screwed into the wall, to create hangers for some of my packs and jackets.

I have some larger items, such as a large sandbag and a pull up bar, that need a home. Hopefully, I’ll clean out our junk room and turn it into something special to hold that equipment.

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