This week I don’t have a training plan. I just work out when I can and try to eat mindfully.

Some days are better than others. But this week is about trusting the process, trusting time to heal wounds and open my spirit to the possibilities.

This week marks the anniversary of when we adopted a dog who forever changed our opinion of rescue dogs. Seven years later, we still have issues with escaping and disliking humans who are too aggressive, but his muzzle shows the effects of time.

It also marks the anniversary of my father’s death. And it still hurts. Shortly after his death last year, I was depressed. But eventually gathered myself together to keep going.

This time, I’m letting the waves of sadness, anger and nostalgia sweep over me. I acknowledge them and move on. It’s odd, but the waves have no rhyme or reason. I could be looking at my kids doing something, and I’ll think of him. I’ll look at a home repair puzzle and remember that I can’t call my dad for advice. We rented “Trolls” and they sing “Sound of Silence.” Besides being a very trippy scene, it reminds me of dad and I start crying.

So for now, I’m just embracing whatever comes and letting it happen. I’m working out when and how I feel like this week. There’s been lots of yoga and meditation. 

I’m also delving into a side hobby — geocaching. A friend of mine has done it for a while, and we recently found a geocache here in town on accident. I’m always been interested but thought you had to be out in the wood to do it. My goal is to use geocaching to get my family outside and explore our area. There are about 600 geocaches nearby, so I’m excited to see if we actually find anything.

I’m using an app, geocaching, to find our targets. I’ll let you know how it goes. I bet we’ll have some fun family adventures soon.

I used this quote by Simon Sinek as the featured image because this week it speaks to me about what this week is: I need a time to look inward, and remind myself of who I am before I get ready to be with my family in a way I haven’t done before. I don’t plan on going into the details, but things are shifting and there are a lot more questions than answers at this point.

My goal is to make everything as calm and smooth as possible. I need to be as calm as possible. And I want to let some of my stuff just flow without dwelling on it in a negative way. If I can do that, it benefits my family long and short term.

We’ll be back to running soon. I have to get to half marathon distance by June. I plan to do a full in October in North Carolina. Sometime next week, I’ll get my training plans together.