Taking photos while rucking

Taking photos while rucking

So, last week I talked about how I was taking it easy although I was sick. Lightening the ruck load, doing fewer reps, logging less miles, blah, blah, blah.

This week, the germs hit me harder. The never-ending cycle is now coupled with the wacky weather — cold one day, warm a few days later. My sinuses hate it.

So, since it’s almost spring, I thought I’d share some photos from my recent rucks. I haven’t ventured more than a few miles with a very light pack. Running is just not in the cards right now. Other than the runny nose and sinus headache, my body feels fine. Like the many flowers in the area, my runny nose means spring allergy season is upon us.

I’m worried about making my 100 mile goal for this month, but am not willing to sacrifice my health over it. If I get better in time, I’ll do more miles. The fact I’m near my usual monthly mileage is good enough for me.

So enjoy the photos.

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