After a month of tinkering with allergy medications, a nasty sinus infection and a pity party, I reconnected with myself and my goals.

The key was a taking a trip. I allowed myself a chance to be present without feeling guilty of what wasn’t being done. When you’re at home, the dishes pile up and kids demand clothes that are sitting in the dirty clothes hamper. You can’t really escape and recharge — your responsibilities are there for you and everyone else to see.

The sun shining through the pillars supporting Jennette’s Pier in Nags Head, NC. This was part of my adventure.
By taking a real break, I was able to refocus on what I needed to do. At home, I would look at all the things I still had left to do and just get overwhelmed by all of it.

So, now that we’re a few days into May, I have decided to post monthly goals here. At the end of the month, we’ll see where I’m at.

My first run in a month wasn’t pretty, but it was all mine.


The big four

  • Eat healthier and ditch the alcohol. I’ve been trying to do this for a long time without any real success. If I did it for three pregnancies, why is it so hard to stop now? During my vacation, I looked at the why behind what I have been doing. Those answers have shaped a lot of my goals for this month.
  • Restart my exercise routine. I have a race coming up this month and need to restart my exercise routine which includes online challenges and a set cardio workout. I won’t be ready for a half marathon in June, but there is an obstacle course race that month that is family-friendly and very tempting to try.
  • Spring/summer clean. Keep what we need. Get rid of what we don’t. Pack away stuff we’ll need for another season. When we moved, I just threw everything into boxes. Now it’s time to sort through stuff and putt them away properly.
  • Restart my creative activities. My blog and Etsy shop are outlets of my energy that make me happy. I hope to get those restarted so I can use those outlets to foster love at home.

The little four

  • Be a finisher of the #wedohardstuff and Real Women Move Challenges for the month.
  • Be financially responsible by paying bills on time and spending thoughtfully.
  • Put the electronics away whenever I’m with the family.
  • Read or listen to at least three books. I’m currently working on Brene Brown’s “Daring Greatly.”

What are your goals for the month?