As a mom, I frequently hear kids and adults talk about being bored. For some it’s a way to get out of their responsibilities. Some just don’t feel like doing what they’ve done over and over again.

I’d like to offer a way to find adventures. I will admit, these adventures aren’t for everyone. One person’s adventure is another person’s really boring day. I think that you can find adventure every day, it just depends on what you look for.

  • Local newspaper: Groups with a variety of interests submit items for publication. I know, newspapers? People still use them and they often have online content. Find something new or something you haven’t done in a while and do it.
Sunset over buildings and water
The sunset at our local park never gets old.

Local or state parks: I prefer visiting these because they tend to be less popular than national parks. And they’re usually free. Most state parks host events throughout the year, nature hikes, paddling events, etc. and many of them are free or of minimal charge.

Man playing trumpet at art museum
Elizabeth City State professor Douglas Jackson plays the trumpet during a jazz concert at our local art gallery.
  • Museums: Depending on where you live, some museums host free or discounted events that are open to the public. Our local arts council has events every month and we love to visit.
Mountain Kid 1 plays “quidditch” during the local library’s Harry Potter celebration.
  • Local library: Libraries often host free events. They also have information about other activities. Some of the things we’re gone to include magic shows, coding lessons, film screenings, and talks on local events and activities.
MK1 tries Udon.
  • Food: I think some of my favorite adventures revolve around food. Food fairs are a great way to try new foods. Competitions let you try a lot of the same thing — chili for example — done many different ways. You can also just look for a restaurant that you haven’t tried.
  • Same thing, new eyes: My kids have always been able to show me a different way to look at the same adventure. Maybe you can take a friend or relative to your favorite park. Maybe your kid can invite a friend on your adventure. It’s always kind of fun to see how people react to things you’ve seen or done a million times.

Do you have any ideas for adventures? Put them in the comments.