I’m suffering from writer’s block … maybe more of a case of thinking that my ideas aren’t interesting or in tune with this blog’s theme: adventuring.

I challenged myself to blog daily in June and came up short. So I’m going to try again in September.

The month has a special spot in my heart. September marks the start of my favorite season — fall. It is also my father’s birthday month.

His birthday is early in the month, sometimes it fell on Labor Day. It was like the nation was celebrating with us. A whole three-day weekend just for my dad.

Almost four years after his death, I still miss him a lot.

As I write this, I’m sitting in our town’s only coffee shop. It’s filled with chairs — I picked a leather chair in front of a fake fireplace. It seems like a good place to sit, befitting of someone who works with words.

So for September, the blog posts will be a bit better planned out than they were in June. I hope to actually start writing this week to get some posts ready.

Free Flow Thursday’s will be part of the activity. The posts are just a way to decompress the week’s activities so far and plan ahead.

This blog post is powered by coffee!!

Right now, I have an event planned in late September. I have two goals before that event: Keep a normal training plan going until the event happens and don’t let the trip get derailed.

That requires a lot of work beforehand, but I need the challenge.

Time to get back to reality. Have a good rest of your week!