A few years ago, I stocked up on some Momentum jewelry.

Like anyone who has kids, moves and has more clutter than she should, I lost most of my pieces amid the many boxes and piles of stuff.

A few weeks ago, I found one of my pieces — a tie-dyed purple and white bracelet with a metallic label that reads “own today.”

My bracelet at work.

Since I found it, I’ve worn it almost daily. I like that I can use it was a sweat rag when I run. It’s comfortable (except when wet) and can be cleaned easily.

Why did I buy the piece and now wear it every single day?

Today is a given. Tomorrow isn’t, so let’s make the more of what we have. Own today’s promise.

Today is where I am now. Not the future or the past, right here, right now, writing this post. My accomplishments and mistakes brought me here. Own today’s now.

Today is full of promise. I have the chance to change my course. Own today’s path.

Today, I am the person that my past self worked so hard to become. I can’t stop trying to improve. Own today’s accomplishment.

Today is the result of a great gift of life. I am relatively healthy and have a chance to do things some people may never get the chance to do. Own today’s blessings.

Today may be a total mess. As I write this, rain and wind from Hurricane Dorian is hitting the metal roof of our house. But for every messy day, there is a day filled with love and happiness. Own today’s mess.

Own today.

Two words with a powerful message. By owning today, I can make it count.

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