“If I can live through this, I can do anything.”

I didn’t blog yesterday, because the good day turned into something very busy and meh. I wanted wait before posting so I could process things, so here we are.

Right now, Fall Out Boy’s “Champion” is on repeat on my Spotify account.

“I’m a champion of people who don’t believe in champions.”

There are days, training runs, parenting incidents that just make me want to “rage every day, on the inside.” My reaction to hard times sometimes feels like “I’m trying blow out the pilot light” inside me.

The refrain, which is up on the top of this post, has carried me through many hard workouts. It has carried me through times when I’ve doubted myself. It has opened my heart soon after my reaction to something closed it.

I’m still young enough to believe things will work out, but young enough to question the why and how.

For me, songs are powerful. They are part of my strongest memories of my past. They cheer me up, give me strength and can let me wallow a bit in the sadness.

Fall Out Boy has many good motivating songs, some of which have been referenced before on this blog.

Do you have a power song, a song that lifts you during a difficult time? If so, leave a message in the comments.