A little over two weeks ago, I asked my monthly question to the local animal shelter director, “Do you have any dachshunds or small mixes?”

A small white dog behind a chain link fence.
The emailed photo of Scottie.

The shelter usually has hounds and pitbull mixes. But this time, she said they just got an owner-surrendered Scottish terrier/dachshund mix. He’d be available to view the following week.

So the following week, the two oldest kids went with us to the shelter. We met Scottie.

We learned what little they knew about Scottie: His former owner had to go into a nursing home. The owner’s son turned him into the pound. Scottie was infested with fleas when they go him. They gave him shots, a general check-up, grooming and a flea bath. They guesstimate his age to be between 4 and 5 years old.

But, we have Tonka and Blue, two old dachshund-mixes who like barking. Blue is very picky about the dogs he hangs around.

So the shelter director offered to let us walk Scottie while he interacted with other animals at the shelter. He met Daisy, a sweet hound, who as of this post is still waiting for a forever home. They did well together. Scottie was more curious about the cats who were hanging out at the shelter than the other dogs. It almost felt like he had hung out with cats before.

Since Dad was not convinced Scottie and Blue would get along, the shelter director told us to foster Scottie for a few weeks and see how things work out. Scottie is the name the shelter staff gave him, as the previous owner’s son didn’t tell them his name.

Blue (left) checks out Scottie and doesn’t react. Yeah!!

Scottie sounds like a terrier but has one dachshund ear, which folds down, and one really long one that stands up. It makes him look a bit like Yoda, a character from my family’s favorite sci-if series, Star Wars.

See the ears on the left?! Scottie has Yoda ears. He’s goofy and wise too, like the Star Wars character. (Bottom photo from Star Wars)

Scottie/Yoda tends to sleep on the bed with my husband, myself and Blue, but prefers sleeping on the couch with a human. We think his former owner spent a lot of time on the couch.

He is house-broken (his “go outside” sign is panting) and loves hanging out with the people. He also gets along with the other dogs for the most part. Yoda even responds to his new name.

Scottie/Yoda and his new harness with reflective material in the straps.

We’re still fostering him, giving him a great Christmas. Yoda’s currently sitting next to me and Tonka, enjoying some ham and his new green harness.

Yoda is a good walker and you can tell that he would prefer to run when given a chance. We are going to try going on short runs together — maybe half a mile or so — and see how he does.

If we adopt him, he’ll be microchipped and ready to go home with us permanently. He’s a great addition to the family.

The Mountain Family wishes you a Merry Christmas!