This past month, my adventures were sporadic. A demanding job schedule and getting back into the swing of school left me feeling drained.

I renewed my subscription GORUCK’s Tribe, which now includes an app. It’s a daily reminder to get out of bed and do epic things. Or in my case, try to do epic things, fail miserably and modify the heck of out of the epic thing so it’s doable.

Baby steps … again.

Epic things are things I’ve done before but for a reason I’m not comfortable discussing here, I stopped doing them. Life happened and I relied on a coping mechanism I haven’t used since high school. It may have worked then, but as an adult, it did more harm than good.

I knew it wasn’t helping me, so I started taking a hard look at my schedule. I rearranged things and scheduled time to do things that bring me joy and feed my soul.

Writing here, without the bonds of a set conformity or standard to which I’m judged, is one of those things. I miss creativity, really miss it.

In the near future, you’ll see a few changes on the social media platforms for this blog. You’ll also see a change in this blog as I work to get back to what this was about: Inspiring people to take a chance on themselve in a way that fits their lifestyle and budget.

What if we fail isn’t the question here. What if we succeed? The world will open in a way we never imagined.

Stay curious and open to the possibilities.

Now, here’s a slideshow of the great things I’ve seen in the past few weeks:

  • Milkweed seed pods
  • Deer run in a field.