Song: “Pretender,” Foo Fighters
After being pregnant for four out of five years (2005-2010), I had trouble sleeping. Super cranky didn’t begin to describe my mood. I was depressed, overworked and seemingly underappreciated.
So for the first time since high school, I saw a real doctor — not the urgent care people who prescribe a antibiotics and hope you don’t see again.
Two weeks later, he told me pretty much what I already knew. I was overweight (duh) and didn’t get enough sleep (you wouldn’t either if you worked until 1 a.m. and got up at 4 to feed your infant.) And other than high cholersterol I was pretty healthy. Just lose some weight and you’ll be fine.
That’s it? I could have sworn I had diabetes, cancer, anything other than just leftover baby weight.
So I took up a quest to find that activity that I’d love and had time for. I remembered the days when I did exercise. I always liked running in high school, so I gave that a go.
Here I am now — several 5Ks, a 10k and triathlon later. I’ve lost weight, but its a constant struggle to do what I need for myself, what my family needs and what others need.
I hope to share my adventures, and that of my family, so those who go through the ups and downs know they’re not alone. I hope to keep myself accountable here and resume dabbling in two of my other passions — writing and photography.
I’ll start each entry with a song — a theme if you will. This time it’s a song about embracing what makes you unique and doing your best. That’s what I hope to do here and every day in real life.
“What if I said your not just another one in your place, you’re the pretender, what if I said never, ever surrender.”