RACE: MountainEAR 5K
INFO: 2013 MountainEAR 5K results
WEATHER: Overcast, with a few bursts of sunlight, chilly (mid-50s).
COURSE:Started at the bottom of the Hazel Ruby McQuain Amphitheater, go up the hill and onto the Caperton Trail to the turn-around point (water plant) and head back. The finish is downhill with a bit of a straight-away at the end.
GOALS: I wanted to start the new running season off by getting a personal record of 28:30 or lower. I wanted to push myself more than I had at last year’s races. I also wanted to have fun — it was the day before St. Patrick’s Day.
THE RACE ITSELF: Overall, it was a fun race. Got to see some people from last year who smoked me, but I kept within eye shot of them this time. The miles were clearly mark, as was the water stop and turn around. The biggest issues were the bottle-necking at the start of the race and on the bridges, which usually happens at all races. Walkers were mixed in with the runners, which sometimes made it hard in the beginning to get your pace going.
They gave out prizes for best use of green. There were green tutus, suspenders with plaid shirts, leprechaun hats — it was fun watching the celebration as I passed people.
There was a kids’ mile race afterward, in which younger and older kids participated. It was awesome to see them run. My kids said they didn’t want to race during registration and changed their minds once the race began.
PERSONAL NOTES: Like most of my 5Ks, I went out too hot at the start and started to lose steam toward the half-way point. Unlike past races, I was able to pick up my pace (yeah for knowing how to run downhill) and keep some runners from coming from behind and beating me. My time was my third best since I started running last year, and I was in the top 100. I was exhausted and knew I gave it my best effort.
UP NEXT:April’s half-marathon.