September strides and other notes

This past weekend, I ran the September Stride with my daughter. Originally, my husband and I envisioned my daughter running at her pace and me at mine. But as we got ready to go to the start line, I wanted this to be a special race, our race.
So off we went. I admit I did try to convince her to run at her own speed and not try to keep up with me. But I couldn’t do it for long. What little parenting skills I have took over, and I kept close to her. Until the end, then it was a free-for-all.
She ended up winning a nice pint glass with the race’s logo on it. Maybe next year I’ll win one.
During and after the race, several fellow runners complimented my daughter on competing. It was awesome to watch her take the compliments in and watch her smile grow. It really helped boost her confidence.


Speaking of races, I’d like to promote a virtual 5K from the online group the Sub 30 Club. Created by Ted Spiker, a blogger at Runner’s World, the club has been a great supporter of mine throughout my running. The race is held the last weekend of Thanksgiving and the cost is $25. The proceeds help the Wounded Warriors project. For information, visit The Sub-30 Club Virtual 5k. The website is hosted by a fellow club member, Andy. His blog is great, you should read it sometime.


As promised, here’s a link to my blog entry I wrote on Gene’s Run for I really love Gene’s Run. And after seeing the friendship between Debbie and Al, I knew why the race was so special. A blogger walks into a bar … the story of Gene’s Run

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