“Insanity” is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results.
There was also a sign I saw recently on Facebook. It read, “Why does a woman have to be crazy or insane before she’s listened to?”
Ditto both of those for me this week. No matter how many times I attempted to play nice with everyone, it wasn’t working.
Threatening didn’t work either. After I told my daughter she was being a jerk that morning.
“You’ve been a jerk since I was born.”
Parents are suppose to regroup and move on. I wasn’t able to do so. I was plagued with thoughts of inadequacy the rest of the week.
Running didn’t help. I kept thinking about how many times I messed up.
Then I got sick. My allergies turned into a full blown sinus infection. It was rough for everyone. Sure, we had a good time for a while. But drugs wear off. Kids start getting rowdy.
The day didn’t end as well as it began. This week, I was able to run, put in more than 8 miles. More importantly, I was able to run by myself.
Sure hanging out with my kids and running with a stroller is fun. But a solo run, you get to take everything in. It’s your time.
So now, I get to recover and regroup. Recover physically, and regroup mentally.
Hopefully the kids can do this too.
I hate being the “evil” parent. Now to try again.
Tomorrow is another day. The hamster wheel stops now.