In 2013, I went to Pittsburgh. It wasn’t to watch a quality show or eat some of the gourmet foods.
I went to see a rubber duck. It wasn’t covered in gold or painted with a rendering of the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling fresco. It was yellow and gigantic.
Yet in all of the absurdity of seeing a big rubber duck, I was in awe.
This moment was one of the many my family was part of in 2013. For me, it was representative of the entire year — ridiculous yet spectacular.
Today, I was asked what my mileage was for the year. I knew one program had me at about 300. That seemed wrong to my friend.
So I looked at Endomondo, which had me at 963 miles total. As I unchecked all the different activities, I learned about 600 of those miles were running.
The year before, I did about half that.
I consider 600 miles pretty good for everything that happened this year. There were some amazing things that happened. There were some things that made the world seem to turn on its head.
Earlier this week, I went to the gym. I had a crappy time there the day before. I did my routine and watched other moms, in their ultra-tech, moisture-wicking clothes, have a workout I’m envious of. They looked like they were working hard, but the glistened. I did my core workout and a pathetic 3 miles running. My oversized T-shirt was dripping sweat all over the place. I didn’t feel like I was rocking it.
As the day wore on, I was reminded of how each person takes their own journey, especially when it comes to parenting and exercise. The only person to fairly compare yourself to is yourself.
So, I went to the gym the next day. My mission was to finish a part of the gym’s December fitness contest. I selected to do the run, swim and bike portions of the competition. But as the finals days crept upon me, I thought I was no where near completing any part of the contest.
Then I looked at the totals. I was within five mile of finishing the run portion. I can do five miles, I thought.
So, I got out my oversized shirt stating that I was a Morgantown Area Grand Prix award winner and finished the running portion. I felt awesome.
During 2013, I put my inner bully in her place, ran 600 miles in a year, did 26.2 kilometers (16 miles) in one race, and placed in MAGP.
I’m loving and living life more. I survived things that would have torn others apart. My kids say “I love you” more than “I hate you.”
While my life is far from perfect or ideal, it’s mine. I’m happy with where I am right now.
Now to take this momentum and make 2014 even better.
How was your 2013? What will 2014 bring you? Post a comment below or send me something via Facebook by searching for “Running Mountain Mama.”