Song: “Chasing Stars,” One Republic
The sound of shuffling feet grows louder behind me. I’m running, carrying my 3-year-old son. My other kids and husband are scrambling up ahead.
The moans accompanying the shuffling sound echo around me. We make it to a ledge. I hand my son up to my husband who made it up with the oldest kids.
My arms and legs are tired. As I try to make it up the ledge, I slip. My arms just can’t handle my body weight.
“Run! I love you!” I yell as I grab a nearby stick and start swinging. The shuffling surrounds me. The voices become distinct — “Brains, braaains.”
I fail to survive the zombie apocalypse.
At least that’s how I envision my death by zombies. So for 2014, I plan to work on bettering my chances of survival, weak arms be damned.
I’m not going to do a year in review. I know how 2013 went. I know my training was crappy when the fun ran out and goals where accomplished.
When I think of zombies, I also think of the many times when I’ve been going through my day and I look up and say “How did time go by so fast? How did I get here?”
I’ve been in a haze for much of my life. 2013 was one of the first years where I’ve stepped out of zombie state and enjoyed life.
So that’s why I’ve dubbed 2014, the year of training for the zombie apocalypse. I need to restore the fun and put new goals up.
So my plan includes:

  • Loving and laughing: I need to be happy and enjoy life so I have some happy memories before the zombies attack. They’ll give me a reason to fight.
  • Exercising: Do a real workout at least three days a week. Build my core and arm strength so they’ll be as strong as my legs. I figure I’m going to have to do a lot of climbing and carrying.
  • Racing: I’m editing my race list to maybe 12 races at maximum. I plan on adding some races to last year’s list and getting rid of some races. I figure I can scout out places to camp after the zombies take over my town.
  • Nutrition: Eat better, so I can lose weight and stay healthy. I figure a leaner me will be less appetizing.

I also plan on putting more on the Facebook companion, Running Mountain Mama. I’m going to put up my workouts, meal highlights, and other stuff. It will hold me more accountable in 2014. Maybe if you turn into a zombie before I do, you’ll have pity on me for a few seconds before you eat my brains.
Should I include anything to my plans? Let me know.
If my kids have taught me anything, it’s that every day is a new beginning. Get out there and go big. Take your kids on the journey. They’ll thank you for it.