This week, my dad celebrates another trip around the globe — his 50-something birthday (egad he may be 60 soon).
I think I mentioned before how, as a child, I wanted to be like my dad. He could fix anything — cars, houses, electronics, food — and he was into sports. I wanted to be just like him, and in some ways, I still do.
He told me how important it was to follow your dreams. I didn’t realize until much later in life what he was talking about.
He’s one of the main reasons I tie my Brooks Cascadias every morning to either run or walk with my “workout buddy” for several miles.
He is also the reason i am grateful for what I have: A roof over my head, a loving yet psychotic family and the ability to exercise any way I want to.
For example, the few days before his birthday, I waddled (half walked and ran) as I pushed a stroller through a hilly part of town so I could exercise on a playground and my workout buddy played.
On my dad’s birthday, I did stuff that reminded me of him: Tearing out carpet strips and padding and placing linoleum tiles at a property I owe. I heard his voice tell me about measuring twice and cutting once and how to do the job properly so I wouldn’t have to do it again in a few years.
But it’s only the voice in my head. I live too far away to go down every summer so my kids can experience my dad’s awesome hugs and even better food.
I miss you dad and I hope you had a great birthday. Maybe, once things have settled for you some, you can go for a walk/run with me. I’ll show you the world as I now see it, full of adventure and possibilities, even for a middle-aged Mountain Mama like me.
Thank you for all you did for me growing up.