My kids are crazy. It seems like almost every minute or so, there is some fight or crying that has to be taken care of.
Most of the time, they pretend to get along, but those other times … well, they’re no fun for anyone.
So I decided to take my kids running before school. We average between two and three miles and try to explore a different part of town every time.
Once my oldest son decided he wanted to go up a really steep hill. So after getting a few runs in, we climbed that hill. The top lead us to a beautiful panoramic view of the city lights. We’ve also seen some sunrises, a Sept. 11 vigil and a lot of doughnuts. That’s my husband’s reward to the kids for each mile they do.
We’ve also been to the bakery near our house when the scones and cookies are right out of the oven. Mmm!
As part of this experiment, I also try not to eat the doughnuts or an item from the bakery.
But it is very hard. I’ve managed to stay away from the bakery’s goodies. The mini doughnuts are a different story.
Since we run every morning, I’ve had to tweak my diet. Nothing after 9 p.m. And no alcohol during the night before a run. It’s been a bit more rough than the daily run in has been. But progress is being made.
Talk to you later.