The lack of a good workout can do strange things to people.

Some go from fit to couch potato almost over night. Others feel phantom pains and illnesses, especially if it’s during their taper, a few weeks before a big race.

For some, like me, a good workout is stress-release: mediation of the body and mind in one package. I’m also the type of person who thrives on a balanced workout, a bit of cardio and a bit of strength and conditioning. If it’s out of whack, I can feel the disturbance in the force.

It has been cold and snowy, so my time working out has been limited to what my kids will let me do.

At one time, I was able to incorporate kids into my exercises. Now, I have to workout around them. If I get into push up position, they jump on my back. If I do crunches, they hop on too.

Sometimes, I can manage working out with them. But lately … well, they are too big.

And I can’t take them out running because they’ll freeze.

So I stare at my husband’s stationary bike. To be honest, it’s a great workout, but boring.

Also, I never did well with bicycle seats. It takes a few days for that part of my body to recover from being squished on a bike seat.

So I do lots of weights and plyometrics. I run when I can. But it’s off-balance. The disturbance in the force occurs.

And when the force is disrupted, chaos ensues. I’ve often heard a phrase, “A happy house is when mom is happy.” Let’s say the house isn’t as happy as it could be.

The workouts are just part of it all really. I can’t just run a mile and be content. I always crave the next, seeing how far I can push myself. A 15-minute workout calms me one day, lets me down the next.

But I also feel like I have to balance my workout life with home and work life. It’s not necessarily guilt, but I have stuff to do which can’t be done while I use my time for training.

I need that time away from mommy life but I always come home to another item or two added to my mommy-do list.

Tonight, at my husband’s suggestion, I’m supposed to be relaxing. But here I am squeezing in a blog post, while sipping wine and playing spider solitaire.

When I don’t make a conscious effort, I can be the most relaxed person on the planet. But when I try to relax and think hard about doing it, I relax by working.

Ehh, it is what it is I suppose. But it also got me thinking of other things.

Or the past few weeks, I have been trying to wrap my head around bs what being a “Running mountain mama” is. I also want to refocus this blog a bit.

So, I’m working on continuing to post recipes, life hacks, etc., as the “mama” side of this blog. We could also use tips to n ways to make life easier.

I also want to focus more on why I started this blog. It’s suppose to chronicle my journey toward being more fit.

I hope to space the entries out during the week.

I figure, I have degrees in culinary arts and English, so I use them a bit more.

If you have any life hacks or input on this new adventure, feel free to comment below. I can also be reached at