School is in session. But don’t tell that to Mother Nature. She left a nice blanket of snow on the ground, closing school for a few days here in the mountains.

So as we break from our regular routine, here are a few things that I’ve found useful to making things easier for me.

Hard-boiled eggs: a good go-to for me. They can help curb appetite and pack a powerful punch of protein. To hard-boil eggs so they don’t have gray around the yolk, put your eggs in water and bring the water to a boil. Once the water starts to boil, turn off the burner and let the eggs sit in the water for about eight minutes.

Avocado: I tend to buy avocado in bulk at the grocery store, when they are on sale and ready to go bad. To make sure I can still use them, I empty the edible part of the avocados into a bowl and squeeze in a bit of lemon juice in to keep it from browning. Then I mash up the avocado and put spoonfuls into an ice cube tray and freeze it. I can pop out an avocado cube and dethaw it as needed.

Hot cocoa mix: Mix one part unsweetened cocoa powder with three parts sugar and a pinch of salt. I make enough to store in a small container. When you’re ready to make hot cocoa, heat up the milk (it’s important to use milk) and stir in a few tablespoons of the mix. I use a whisk to make sure there aren’t any lumps. Add a few drops of vanilla extract if you want to.

Baking soda: You can use it for many things. You can use it like a powder on your carpet to get out odors. The longer you leave it, the more it absorbs. Just vacuum it up when you’re ready.