I might as well warn you, you’re going to be learning a lot more about me.

You see, I joined this group called Team RWB. It helps veterans reconnect to the community through social and athletic activities. And I was recently chosen to receive one of the group’s charity bibs for the 2015 Marine Corps Marathon.

It is an honor to represent one of Team RWB’s newest chapters, Morgantown, W.Va.

I have set up a fundraising page, Mountain mama for Team RWB.

There, and here, I plan on telling you a bit about Team RWB, what it does, how it has helped me, and how it helps others.

This will be my first marathon, so the race will have an extra special meaning for me. I get to represent Team RWB and run a great race through Washington, D.C.

Next weekend, I’ll share one of the events Team RWB participates in, along with other organizations that help veterans.

I hope you will consider making a donation.