In 10 weeks, I will be running my first marathon, the Marine Corps Marathon.

Training has been unlike anything I’ve ever done. Unlike organized sports, there’s no one to tell me what to do, how to better myself or when to take a break.

I have to do me, as in trust in my training and my body to do what it needs to do.

I think the most frustrating part has been the slow miles. I read of how others are doing 14 mile runs for their November marathon. Here I am, doing a two-hour run and not even breaking the double digits for my late October race.

  But I also do pace runs and hill workout which are very rewarding. I’d like to think the Appalachian hills are a bit bigger than those in Washington, D.C., but I’m sure a hill at mile 23 in D.C. is very different than one on mile 4 in Appalachia.

I feel stronger than I did when I started. About a month ago, I added some workouts from an app called Spitfire Athlete to my routine. I want to build some core and upper body strength to the mix. My upper body gives out on my runs way before my legs do.

So far, so good. I finished the Conquerer workout and am now on the Fighter. Each are body-weight based, so I don’t need weights and can workout at home. I shake the house a little too much for my kids when I do some of the squat jumps or tuck jumps, so I’ve move outside for the workouts.

Well, I have to finish my trip to work. I am training for MCM as a charity runner for Team RWB, an amazing organization that links veterans and civilians through physical and social activities. Please consider donating to my fund at

See you on the road.