More than 11 months ago, I wrote my goals as I followed a book on self improvement by The No Meat Athlete.

I had the opportunity to review the goals recently, and there are some hits and misses.

I changed jobs and moved to a better environment for my kids. I ran my first marathon, but I didn’t purge my house of the clutter that is mostly preschool items my kids don’t play with.

I haven’t been as diligent in posting to my blog as I planned and that weight I wanted to lose …yeeeah, that’s still here.

It’s easy to blame certain outside influences for what I didn’t achieve. But at the middle of this year, I wasn’t at the same place as I was back in December 2014. I’m not the same as I was in June either. My goals shifted.

I have listened to a lot of voices that  negatively critique me and in another breath, say how great I am.

Some of those voices come from the outside: relatives, peers, my kids, coworkers. … But the harshest  critic is the voice in my head. That one who wants to prove the outsiders wrong but is too afraid of the consequences of doing so.

So, here I am. I should be writing a recap of a race that happened almost a month ago. Before the race, I met Bill Rodgers, THE Bill Rodgers, four-time winner of both the New York and Boston marathons.

Bill Rodgers and I discuss how he became a runner before a recent 10k in Wheeling, W.Va. Photo credit Mountain Papa

I came away from that meeting with something that I’ve been wracking my brain about for a while. To paraphrase, he told me to find my race and own it. He found the marathon, and for a while, it was his.

For me, this also applies to everyday life. I’m going into my fourth decade next year, yet I’m as unsure of who I am as I was when I was a teenager.

Back then, I wanted to be a fashion designer, actress, architect and president, in that order.

I still wear many hats: Mother, wife, desk worker and runner. But I don’t own any of it. Each hat is incomplete, like they’re missing brims or tops.

And it’s raining. My fears and indecisiveness are leaking through, showing how badly crafted my hats are.

So, I am going to spend 2016 focused on finding my race, a template by which all  of my hats will be made.

That template will start by taking better care of myself and what matters to me.

For now, I’m starting to track my food and exercise again. I’m also getting back into photography through Instagram, where you can find my Photojournal at mtnmamarunning.

I have some goals for next year that I’m working on. I’ll reveal those in a later post.

Do you have any goals for 2016? Feel free to share them via email or in the comments. Maybe we can keep each other accountable.