Umm, about that thing …

I promised.

*sigh* I just don’t know when it’s going to happen.

Because life happened. 

Before life happened, I was able to have a set blogging schedule. I was always up long after the kids went to bed, so I’d cozy with WordPress and write to wind down. It was relaxing.

Now, I squeeze blogging in during those few moments before I have to get ready for work or whatever adventure we’re having that day.

I have about four pieces half-written, and a few more stewing in my brain, waiting for that moment for me to just be able to sit … and write … for a long time.

So, I found my first race for next year. It’s a 6 mile trail race. I have to train, like I did my marathon. That means mapping out a plan of action, sticking to it and then, maybe, kicking butt.

My new job has complicated next year’s race schedule, as I now have to work on Saturday mornings. This is usually race day at our house, so I need to find creative ways to work around the problem.

I feel like I’m cooking for the holidays. I have so many things cooking right now. Now to get them done, one at a time.

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