As part of the Resolution Rally, hosted by Run the Edge, a company that offers training programs for runners, I’m supposed to writes letter to myself in 2017. So I thought I’d post it here.

Dear 2017 me,

Wow, you survived another year. This was a tough year but you wanted it that way, you just had to see what you had in you. And you kicked butt.

Remember all those years when you said you weren’t a competitive person? I think you proved yourself overwise. How did you do in your half marathons? And look at all that time you shaved off that one in May!! You almost made it all the way up that two mile hill without walking this time.

This physical and competitive strength also should have manifested itself in other areas. I see your less of a grumpy mom, adequate sleep does that. You and the family seem to be doing better due to the improvements in your life. I really hope you have learned how to let it go. (Cue Elsa and the dance party)

You had this in you all along. You just needed to take that first big leap.You probably have been building your social network and life outside the home and work. That’s great, I hope you didn’t get too overwhelmed. If you did get flustered, I hope you reached out to help.

2016’s  theme should have been upbeat, with an “Eye of the Tiger” feel. If you settled for a dark and boring song, I’ll be so disappointed.

I hope you had the marathon you wanted. I also hope you rediscovered the trails. You love trails so much. 

In 2016, Mountain Kid 1 and Running Mountain Mama will hit the trails in their back yard.
Keep working hard and love harder. This year was a great kickoff to our fourth decade. See you in 2017.