Recently, after a feeble attempt at speed work, my husband made the above statement. 

At the time, I was in a state of exhaustion, trying to do a lot of housework on top of parenting duties, work duties and minimal self care.

It made me angry. I’ve been working out: walking, running, yoga, “practical” exercise (as the training leader on Mondays calls it) …

Instead of coming back as a prize fighter, I feel deeper into a hole, trying to suck it up, but failing miserably.

When I climbed out of the hole, I was at the edge when I was told that I need to set a goal. I almost feel back in. I really didn’t think I needed to hear that. Again it made me angry.

But I didn’t fall backward. I jumped forward with my fists swinging. I set that goal, and laid out my plan.

Taking these dogs for a run twice a week is part of my plans for trail domination.

So the goal is to run a trail marathon in October. Along the way, there’s a 5-miler and half marathon, both on the road. I also have my Monday workouts, some of which is on the trail. I’m using the Zombies, Run! App training programs as a benchmark since it will save in the cloud if my phone ever breaks. The race is at a nearby state park, so I can always go up there to get some experience.

Extra vegetables for the spaghetti sauce.

All about those veggies

My goal also includes modifying my diet. I feel best when I eat meals high in vegetables and fruit, using beans and eggs as my protein. I’m using some materials that I received from Born Fitness as my guide. I like the website as it puts things in terms everyone can understand. It also doesn’t use the one-meal/exercise-fits-all standard. 

I love grilled steak and other meat but I’m aiming toward 75 percent of my plate being filled with vegetables. Low calories but nutrient dense goodness. Right now my body is kind of freaking out, but my energy level is up.

I also make savory breakfasts, eggs mixed with oatmeal and veggies. That and a cup of coffee usually keep me going until lunch time.

When I need a mental boost, I wear my Wonder Woman shirt. I don’t know what the future holds with this goal, but like the superheroine, I’m walking in with eyes wide open.

The end game

I’m not sure what the difference will be on the scale. I can say that I feel more energized now that I have a “goal” and plan in place for my goal. It’s mine to control, and not dependent on kids’ schedules, husband’s training, laundry, etc.

I’m also starting or ending my days with meditation, by either meditating or writing in a journal. In the evening, it helps me put the days worries away. During the morning, I can sort out my day and feel energized.

I still have some ups and downs, but so far things aren’t nearly as chaotic as they seemed to be a few weeks ago.

I’ll update you on my progress. Hopefully, I can come back with something positive.