This Instagram collage sums up my training so far.

I’ve been doing a lot more bleacher climbing and stuff with hills and stairs to work muscles needed for climbing.

I have a tendency to look back at how good I was. In race conditions, I’ve been able to do 7 and 8 minute miles, but not for an entire race. But that was two years ago when I was leaner. I have gotten some of my training miles below 11 minutes, and that makes me happy. I have seen that in a while.
I almost doubled my milage for the month. Finding a goal helped, as did doing a virtual races where I had to accumulate at least a marathon’s worth (26.2) of miles for the month.

We have 17-year cicadas chirping here. There aren’t as many in my neighborhood as some of the other areas nearby. I live the signs kids made hoping to save them.

I’ve been sweaty. My glasses have fogged up and my muscles have been sore. And it feels great.

I have been using the Zombie, Run! 10k intermediate training plan, but will switch in a few weeks to the full marathon plan. One of my co-workers says I’m crazy for trying a full marathon. Yes, I am. 

In two days, I’ll celebrate another birthday. This year, I’ll be spending my second Saturday in a row volunteering at a local race. I hope to give you an update during the weekend.

Enjoy the rest of your week.