This week marks a full month and a week of official marathon training using a program. I spent the prior months rebuilding my running base and dealing with mental stuff that weighed me down last marathon, Marine Corps Marathon.

This past week, I meet with a nutritionist as part of my Team Red, White and Blue chapter’s activities. I’m hoping to go over the materials and put them to use. I haven’t really had a coach in that front and have had a hard time sorting through all the information out there.

Allergies suck, as does humidity. So when they act together, running is not fun. I’m still working on finding a decent medication to help. This year, it’s a runny eye/sinus combo that lasts until noon and starts acting up again at night.

I’ve also cut back in the workouts. Sleep right now is a lot better for me than exhaustion. So, I still walk to and from work and then do a regular workout. I’m just not doing yoga or plyometrics to start my day before the walk. I’m falling asleep too much during the day.

I also focused this week on my family. When I struggle, I tend to pull away from people, so I can go it alone.

This week was all about hugs, talking about Lord of the Rings Legos and playing at the beach.

Yoga at the beach. i’m working on my Karate Kid impression.

I needed the “energy boost” as my Mountain Kids would say. I had to refocus and remember why I’m doing all of this.

And to make that symbolic new trio in the right direction, I hung the first piece of art in what I hope will be my “tinkering room.” It will be a place for everyone in the house to be creative and work out. Now to clear out the junk to reclaim it from the mess.

The new art, a collage of family pictures over a Hawaiian shirt of my dad’s.