Contemplating the next move.

“Most nights, I don’t know … Anymore.” — .fun, “Some Nights”

Trying to work out on bad shoes is starting to cost me. The incessant heat is making my nights restless which makes my days suck.

This week, I have walked, worked on rebuilding my core and semi-weak arms and have barely run.

It’s early enough in my training that it won’t matter. But sometimes,  I’m not so sure.

This week, I’ve been dealing with using some advice from a nutritionist to full effect. I went from having some form of alcohol every night to doing to non-alcoholic beer. Not as good as quiting, but it’s getting closer to the goal of going alcohol free.

When I don’t drink, I have issues falling asleep. As a kid, I had to tell myself stories for what seemed like hours before actually falling asleep.  I was a light sleeper, waking up when people or things moved around.

I’m still a pretty light sleeper. I use meditation to get back to sleep, but if there’s a lot on my mind, which there has been lately, meditation isn’t enough.

I’m also dealing with shin splints. I need new shoes. Maybe this paycheck. So with bad shoes, I do other stuff  — walk, strength training, etc., in the hopes I don’t seriously injure myself.

And the heat. I can’t run with the Mountain Kids for long and I can’t leave them alone. So we stay home and I have a crappy time working around our dilemma.

I’m not making excuses, I’m just saying why I haven’t done as well as I would like on the running side of things. 

There is a nice breeze blowing today. I need to go for a run before something gets in the way.