GORUCK training.

WOD (workout of the day)

Equipment: None, though a strong upper body and core helps, parental instincts, the ability to forgive yourself

Workout: Walk a mile to school. Drop of kids and proceed to your workout location.

A failed attempt at box jumps prior to a Team RWB group run.

Attempt box jumps on the really high steps. If you fail, try the little steps instead.

Get phone call from school. Answer call and agree to pick up sick kid.
Cancel your group meeting and head back to school. Think about how you messed up weighing whether you kid is sick. Curse cheap thermometers.

Pick up said kid and as soon as you get out of the building, carry him home, letting him sleep in your arms. Wince whenever he stabs your shoulder with his chin. But DO NOT complain.

Hold him tight, and just be there. You did the best you could, now you’re going to do the best you can again.

Begin the walk home.

Ask him about what he wants when you get home. Smell his clean hair one more time before he gets too big for you to carry. Soak it in, as you weren’t able to carry his 43 lbs. earlier in the year this far.

Climb the steps home and enter the house. Help him get comfortable and tuck him in. Love life and be grateful you were able to do this. And you’d willingly do it again.


As a parent, I am often off the mark when it comes to reading my kids’ needs. Often I read into what they want, based off what I want: to go workout, to not have to clean, etc.

It’s hard, and when you get things wrong, it’s easy to beat yourself up over what happened.

Remember this is a marathon. You have 18-some years of messing crap up. And you have to learn and move on. Learn and move on.

I haven’t really been able to follow the GORUCK training plan as written. This week, I’m supposed to reassess my fitness.

I beat myself up a bit over not being able to do the workouts, but I’ve been workout out in different ways. I’ve been doing longer rucks and more WOD-type workouts. These are short and sweet. Usually I can fit a few different workouts into my day, even with sick family members.

I’ve also decided to continue my #milesforkevin challenge. This has motivated me to up my mileage this month. I’m hoping by increasing my miles, I’ll be strong for several upcoming races including my GORUCK.

Get creative, don’t sweat the small stuff. If you put in the work, it will pay off.