This is when I’m supposed to start the training program supplied by GORUCK over. But I’m still sore from Monday’s beat down.

Monday I went to a session with my extreme endurance friends at Hoorah 2 Heroes. The person who usually leads the training sessions wasn’t there, so it was me, the OCR athlete and the National Guard athlete. Both good athletes taught me a lot about exercise techniques.

They also pushed me a lot farther than I would have gone alone. I had a breakthrough in getting some help going up the walls at the gym. As I’ve said before, I can carry my kids, but other than that, my upper body strength is non-existent.

At the H2H gym, we have two walls to simulste OCR conditions.

Getting up the walls was an awesome confidence booster. The session was awesome. Tiring, but the kind of workout where you know you did your best and put it all out there.

And then I was supposed to lead a group run a few hours later.

No one showed up, but I went out anyway. I thought it would be a good cool down. But my muscles were very mad, so I altered the course for the nearest protein smoothie shop. Ok, there’s only one in town. I had a mint chocolate chip smoothie and made my way back home.

Of course, now that I was home I had to do stuff before muscle stiffness set in. So I laid some bathroom tile and patched some ceiling tiles that were messed up.

And I walked to and from school twice to pick up the mountain kids. 

The short-story version: I overdid it Monday and am paying for it now.

As of the time of writing this post, I’m still sore. Not so sore that I can’t lift my arms over my head like the past two days. But I’m uncomfortable, which is supposed to be a good thing.

I ran Wednesday with our group, and my chest muscles and a few others I don’t associate with running hurt a lot. Luckily, one of our other runners, Mountain Kid 1, also had slowed due to pain (she fell on a previous run and still felt it) so we speed walked and ran together.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to do a full workout today. I have four weeks until the taper week, where I don’t do as much. I really don’t want to hold my group back.