It’s spring. Welcome bees!

Spring usually notes change. Here in Appalachia, the race season begins. People start shedding their winter cabin fever for happy moments in the sunshine. The snow is replaced with green and blooming flowers.

This year I have noticed that I’ve been drifting away from being a running Mountain Mama. I do more than run. I play volleyball with the Eagles of Team Red, White and Blue. I use my culinary degree to attempt to make healthier versions of the calorie-dense food I learned to make in school. I work out occasionally with Hoorah 2 Heroes, a GORUCK training partner to work on my weaknesses, which is everything but my legs.

An Appalachian sunrise.
The same sunrise, but near our new home.

We also going through a family change. We’re heading out of Appalachia proper to a state that has a bit of Appalachia in it. I’m moving to the other side of that state though — to the beach.

Mountain Mamas live everywhere. They are strong women who use the resources around them to become the best versions of themselves. They face adversity with their heads held high and a slight smirk as if mocking the storm — “Is that all you got?”

You can have human kids, pet kids or be a mama/friend to someone in need. If you are passionate about doing what you do with what you have available, you are a Mountain Mama.

So, within the next month or so, I’ll be primarily updating you through Facebook, at runningmtnmama, or Instragram, at mtnmamarunning. I’m going to limit my Internet time so I can concentrate on the move, finding a new job, etc.

In the months ahead, I’ll also be tweaking the blog. I think the changes will reflect more of the Mountain Mama lifestyle — being thrifty, resourceful and the best version of you possible. 

My bad attempt at Flex Friday. I love being a Running Mountain Mama, but …

I still plan to include race reports. I also will share the joys and heartbeaks that come with being a woman and nerdy mom. I’ll also share more recipes and MacGyverings that have made my life easier and healthier in the hopes it will help you too.

I hope you stay for the journey. I can’t promise it will be full of rainbows and unicorns, but I’ll make sure it’s a glorious adventure.