Unlike many runners, I count my runversary — anniversary of when I started running as an adult — by my first race. It was the Parent’s Place 5K, a hilly course that I ran in a little over 36 minutes.

I remember the date of the race more than when I started running — sometime in February — because it also is my mom’s birthday. And every year, I try to do something epic on her birthday, usually a race.

I didn’t do that this year. I did my 10K on April 20, close enough I suppose. But this year, I’m spreading my wings as an observer, writer and photographer by capturing some of Cycle NC Coastal Ride.

Cycle NC Coastal Ride has partner rides in the mountains and a coast-to-mountains ride. All go through scenic areas of North Carolina. This year, the town I live in hosted the Coastal Ride. A little over 1,700 bicyclists and event supporters converged on our town of 4,000 people for three days of adventuring.

So, this blog is a photo gallery of the scenes I tried to capture with my iPhone from Cycle NC. For me this was an epic adventure because at one time I was an avid cyclist. I still love cycling, just not the damn uncomfortable seats.

I hope you enjoy the photos.