I spent about four months training for a half marathon that I didn’t get to race.

It’s now a week and a half after my training plan ended. I still get up at dark o’clock, but unlike some athletes, I don’t have training on the agenda.

In “The One Thing,” the authors note how that when you concentrate on a specific goal, other things fall into chaos. For example, when I concentrate on running, I let the kids make their own food because I’m often too tired to cook. Cleaning becomes something I do on rest days.

There isn’t a balance — just a constant reshuffling of priorities.

While the life-coach I listen to talks about taking no days off, I find myself taking a day off to reprioritize. I’m a little freaked out having the day kinda to myself, but I need this day to take care of some of the other things I’ve neglected. Oh to have a clean, not sticky kitchen counter again!!

During one of my training runs, I pretended I was Captain America with my trash-can lid that blew down the street during a recent storm.

So what’s next in terms of fitness? I completed 12.4 miles of my quest to complete at least 26.2 miles during races this year. After watching Cycle NC Coastal Ride come through town, I realized that I miss bicycling, GORUCK-esque workouts, and other activities that fell off as I devoted my training to running.

I am also scared. Despite all my training and preparation, my plans fell through because of circumstances I knew existed but didn’t make sure they were addressed. It was the equivalent of getting to a race I signed-up for but not actually running because I twist my ankle while doing something stupid in the starting-line corral. I was that close, but let myself get in my own way.

I worry it will happen again.

There are two fall races I’m looking at, both close enough to home and also near relatives. They require hill training, which will be a challenge since I live in a flat coastal area.

I think for now, I’ll try to maintain a good base and keep marking off the checklist so I can compete in the race I pick.

What are your plans for the rest of the year? What epic adventures are you going on? Let me know in the comments or through email.