Disclaimer: I am not a paid reviewer of this product. I’m just here to offer an opinion on Alexia Roasted and Ready Baby Golden Potatoes, a food product available in most United States supermarkets.

Potatoes on a plate.
Alexia roasted baby potatoes out of the bag.

I like frozen vegetables as a way of quickly adding nutrient-rich foods to my family’s dinner plate. Most frozen vegetables are nutrient dense, low in sodium and can be ready quickly.

The first bag of these I bought was on a whim, actually because they were on sale. They are made by Alexia, which also had a great line of organic French fries. I figured if anyone could get a roasted potato, freeze it and then have it turn out right when the customer uses it, this company could.

Frozen potatoes, with the exception of some French fries, are pretty horrible. They don’t have any taste and just feel like paper shavings in your mouth.

The front of the Alexia potato bag.

Alexia’s roasted potatoes are different. They are small potatoes, maybe one or two adult bites at most. They have an almost creamy interior, similar to a regular baked potato.

My kids like to eat them straight from the bag, like a snack. With only three ingredients — potatoes, olive oil and Himalayan Salt — I encourage it.

Unlike a lot of other frozen products that you basically heat up and serve, the potatoes are low in calories with 90 per serving. It also has 11 percent (250 mg) of your daily recommended salt. Except for frozen vegetables that aren’t doused in sauce, I have never found a ready-to-eat frozen food product with that small of an amount of sodium.

To cook these, several recommended options are on the bag. We use the microwave instruction. Just put the bag in the microwave, put the cook timer on for about 7 minutes, 30 seconds and let the microwave do the rest. They come out hot — too hot to handle with your fingers — and evenly cooked every time.

They feel and taste like fresh potatoes. They are a little on the salty side for me, but We have had a batch or two in which I don’t notice the salt.

An open potato over a dinner plate.

Besides serving these straight out of the bag, my family enjoys them as a side to grilled meats and as part of a vegetable assortment. It’s a great way to incorporate a hearty vegetable into a meal without a lot of effort.

One bag of Alexia Roasted and Ready Baby Golden Potatoes costs about $3.89 at my local grocery store in the Deep South of the United States.

You can find more about the potatoes and other Alexia products by clicking here.