When I first started running, I loved to listen to music and podcasts. I listened to the insightful podcasts of Dave Ramsey and Ben Greenfield as I made my way through various workouts.
I loved Steve Runner’s “Pedippidations” as he told of heartbreaks and triumphs.
And then I ran my half marathon in April. My phone, a purple Blackberry my daughter named Crystal (I added the last name Crackberry), ran out of batteries about half way through the race.
So I went techless. I’ve been music-less and podcast-less ever since. Until my recent 16.28 miles race.
My husband let me use his iPhone since I was also going to take pictures for my blog at work Keeping Pace.
Three hours of running and the iPhone had used only half its battery. Impressive.
But the sound of the stream under the wooden bridges and rustling of leaves drowned out the sounds of Metallica and Johnny Cash. The sound of a fellow runners feet catching up to meet moved me more than Steve Runner or The Civil Wars ever have.
I found I don’t need Dave Ramsey to tell what to do with my money while I run. I have so many voices in my head, I don’t need another one.
While I find Ben Greenfield’s fitness tips useful, I can’t implement them or write information down while I’m exercising.
Nature is calling, it says, “Wake up, take out your earbuds and run. Listen to the crunch your feet make as they fall on the gravel path; the birds chirping nearby. Listen to your heart beating in your chest.
“You’re alive. You’re a part of me, and don’t you forget it.
“Save your music and podcasts for work. It’s time to be awesome.”