Song of the post: “Pretender,” Foo Fighters

When “Pretender” came out, it was my song of the year. I was coming off a hard year of work, parenting and family. I felt like a fake, someone who tried to be “normal” and blend in with everyone else.
Then the Foo Fighters told me to “never, never surrender.”
I have tried ever since to be truer to myself, a little more of a fierce Mountain Mama who doesn’t want to put up with the b.s. I’d rather be more in tune with my family, my life, etc.
Sometimes I do this well. But old habits die hard.
And now it’s two weeks until the end of 2014. I have more happy moments in my life, more harrowing ones and some that made me fall into a heap on the floor.
But I’m still here. I faced 2013 as someone who wasn’t pretending. I cried when I needed to, sucked it up when a situation calls for it and got my hands dirty.
While cleaning off the dirt of the year, I found some gems that I will carry into 2015.
So, here are my goals, in random order:
Run a marathon.
Get out of debt.
Get down to 166 pounds by the time of the marathon.
Love, live and laugh, especially with my friends and family.
Get more than five hours of sleep every night. (Sad to admit that I used a tracking device to see how crappy my sleep is.)
Be creative and more consistent.

I hope you have dusted off the worse 2014 has thrown as you and are ready to move forward with me. Things will improve in 2015, it has to.

As a side note: Facebook will be imposing new terms of service for its pages, like the companion to this blog, facebook/runningmtnmama. I haven’t decided what to do. I’ll let you know when I figure it out.