Imperfect perfect

Imperfect perfect

Today’s the anniversary of the first race I did on my path toward being a fit mom. It was in 2012. But lately, I’ve felt like I’ve failed in fitness and as a mom and wife. So I have to regroup, if our busy schedule ever allows me. So this is just some thoughts poured into my fingers into my smartphone. …

Some people strive for their entire lives to be perfect. Each has his or her own reason.

When someone who strives to be perfect and fails to meet a goal, even if it’s a small one, it can be devastating.

Sometimes there is a slip in the system. Life happens and things fall behind. Instead of trying to quickly catch up, which inevitably leads to more mistakes, it’s time to stop. Catch your breath. Reassess your goal and where you are. Come back with more determination, maybe with a new goal. Enjoy the journey and try so very, very hard not to let this set everything back.

I would like to share this blog post from a thoughtful runner. It puts a lot of this in something more eloquently than I can right now. I hope you enjoy My friend the perfectionist, by Dara.

Have a good weekend.

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