I stopped marathon training, because … well, I don’t have time to train for it this year.

 I’ve switched gears and plan to do one of the GORUCK challenges. It’s the same length of time as a marathon, 4-7 hours, but the training takes less time out of my day, usually an hour or two.

I’ve changed the theme to training for life, because of some events that took place last week.

Dustin Sanderson, American Ninja Warrior, attempts to climb the suspension bridge but decided there was too many spider webs. He and Brennan gave me this challenge coin, which will be hiden from my kids for a very long time.

I received this challenge coin from Team Red White and Blue during a visit from the regional leadership team of Brennan and Dustin.

Our chapter led them on a running tour of the city and afterward, ate at a local restaurant. It was great to hear everyone talk about things that were important to them and see them get fired up about our chapter.

I received the challenge coin during dinner. I didn’t give a speech but clenched it tight in my hand. I thanked everyone via Facebook for being awesome, because they all helped get our chapter off the ground.

When I came home and showed the coin to my kids, they instantly wanted it for themselves. I think that’s a rule in my house: Parents can’t have cool stuff. It will get broken, lost or a kid will claim it as his/her own.

But it sparked an idea that maybe I was OK at doing what I’m doing. I’m not as bad at it as I think.

The point was driven home the next day, when I spent part of the afternoon interviewing someone for an article.

Originally when planning to do the story, I thought I’d make it a piece to help get the name of my favorite nonprofit out in the community.

But as it came closer to the day of the interview, I realized that something like that isn’t going to hold the interest of my readers.

So I talked with the person about leadership, what makes good leaders, what character traits they have to have, etc.

The thing that stuck out the most, and rang most true, was when he said, “American needs leaders.”

It doesn’t matter if you only lead your household or lead as mayor of a city, American needs people who are willing to step up to the plate and make decisions.

And leaders aren’t always the people with big personalities who take immediate action. Leaders can also be soft-spoken and think more of things in the long-term.

I think that interview convinced me of the direction I want to go. It took 40 years (muttering curse words for the “wasted time”), but I think I have part of my life puzzle figured out.

Now to find the tools I need to execute my plan. Let the learning begin!

And in regards to GORUCK training, I don’t know what a lot of the things mentioned in my training plan are. YouTube has helped solve some of the mysteries. I need to talk with my coach to go over the rest.

The workouts are short but challenging, targeting a lot of muscle groups. It came with a pre-test for physical fitness. In the fifth week, I’ll retest to see how far I’ve come. 

I like that it’s more than running. It has variety and requires me to push myself. I’ve already seen some results, clothes being a little looser, etc.

I can’t wait to see what happens in week five.