I like challenges … sometimes.

My husband threw down what is probably one of my most difficult challenges: Don’t take any selfies.

He didn’t say for how long, just don’t take a selfie.

I lived for 30-something years without selfies, but this is hard. You have to shift your focus from “me” to finding something to tell your story for you.

So far, I’ve taken pictures of empty gyms (can’t pose in it), Sandy my sandbag used for GORUCK training, nature, my kids…

There is a lot more going on in the world, but what is it really like without me posing there or holding my phone a certain way so the camera takes a good shot?

Absolutely beautiful, sometimes boring but always real and authentic.

Try living life without having to pose for it. It’s different, but shouldn’t be. We went without selfies for a long time. We can do it again.

Here are a few of my challenge pictures that didn’t make my Instagram account, mtnmamarunning.

A frog or toad we found while hiking on the Great Allegheny Passage, near Dead Man’s Hollow.
The Interstate 70 bridge going to Chareloi, Pa.

Sandy the sandbag hangs out in a kid’s backpack that I have been using for GORUCK training until I can get a real Ruck sack.