The fog rolls in,

Into my mind, making decisions hard.

It clouds reality, makes easy tasks impossible.

I have been dealing with a virus for several weeks now. While my co-workers have a nagging cough and feel crappy, I have a constantly runny nose and feel crappy.

This crapiness seems to be compounded by life problems — work and parenting things, along with some other stuff.

It may be just a way of God/Fates/etc., telling me to slow down. But when you are used to dwelling in the bad and negative, it’s hard to stop. You are so focused on having to do something, anything, to solve a problem, that you can’t look at it with a clear mind. You can’t see the bigger problem because you’re honed into that one little thing.

And for me, that’s when things get in a fog. I go through the motions of the day so I can spend time concentrating on that one little problem. 

But life isn’t one things, it’s a bunch of littl things. They come together and make your experiences, shaping your life.

I have a lot to do, as most parents do — work, household stuff, personal development, etc. — sometimes it gets overwhelming.

So I’m starting a new trick that came from Nick Simmonds, elite runner. He writes down a priority list every day and has one thing he absolutely has accomplish that day. My lists usually look more like big globs of words with no rhyme or reason behind it.

It’s a small step to what I hope will be something productive. I’m a person who tends to float from task to task and sometimes not complete a project. I hope this will help me stay on track. Seeing things get crossed off my to do list will be very rewarding.

Now here is a random picture of something that makes me happy, because I want to end this on a positive note.